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What you need to transform your business: lessons from the Millpool Community Centre

Mar 6, 2015 Steve Cassidy

Steve Cassidy shares what small and big business alike could learn from Millpool's technology transformation

Business vs consumer laptops: how business-grade laptops are transforming a Cornwall community centre

Feb 12, 2015 Steve Cassidy

Steve Cassidy takes a final trip down to Millpool Community Centre in Cornwall, where they’re taking advantage of new HP business laptops

Tablets for business: a playbook guide

Jan 27, 2015 Tim Danton

Make sure your business is using tablets the right way with our in-depth guide

New lease of IT life for Millpool Community Centre

Jan 8, 2015

The transformation has begun as Millpool Community Centre takes delivery of some shiny new IT

The guide to business mobility

Jan 7, 2015

Want to get your business mobile? We've got the answers to all your questions.

How to take great colour photographs

Dec 17, 2014 Arion McNicoll

Photographer Dave Stevenson offers some handy hints for using colour better in photography

Why no growing business should consider consumer-grade laptops

Dec 17, 2014 Steve Cassidy

Steve Cassidy relishes the opportunities brought by professional laptops replacing their consumer equivalents at a Cornwall centre

How a powerful printer is transforming a Cornwall community centre (no underpants required)

Dec 17, 2014 Steve Cassidy

The amazing tales of how we're helping to transform the IT systems of a vital community centre

Cleaning up their act: How businesses are going green

Dec 17, 2014 Barry Collins

Companies have made huge changes to become more environmentally responsible, but is there more that can still be done?

The power behind the 70ppm inkjet: hands-on demo of HP's PageWide technology

Dec 17, 2014 Tim Danton

HP's PageWide technology has pushed one of its inkjets into the record books. We look at how it achieved the feat

Inspiring the inspirers: Robert de Souza, Group CIO at Havas Media

Dec 17, 2014

Robert de Souza, Group CIO Havas Media, talks about tech in a media landscape.

27 brilliant apps for business

Dec 9, 2014 Barry Collins

From office suites to organiers, we've scoured the app stores to find the very best business apps

How colour shapes the magazines and newspapers we read

Dec 3, 2014 Tim Danton

Discover how and why magazines and newspapers use colour in such an impactful way

Inspiring the Inspirers: Mark Chambers, ICT Service Manager for Richmond Upon Thames

Nov 26, 2014

As part of our Inspiring the Inspirers series, we catch up with a man facing major logistical challenges...

Inspiring the Inspirers: David Clark-Bell, IT Manager at Mountford Pigott LLP

Nov 26, 2014 Tim Danton

David's users need power and he needs to deliver ROI. That's when Core i7 processors and Samsung SSDs come to the fore...